All types of wanderers, pictures from a nowhereland, subtle emotions and complicated feelings depicted.

I am a professional journalist in the past, whose take on life is pretty philosophic. Having quit with journalism, I started to work as a [fashion] illustrator, producing commercial content for clients all over the world. However, this creative realm is a little bit narrow for showcasing my personal point of view. Meanwhile, the eloquence of visual art, which exceeds words, was that particular reason for me to quit with my journalistic career. Imagery provides more opportunities to share your thoughts.

I've always been interested in human nature, in exploring the place of human being in the Universe. As I get older, this interest focuses more on the place of a person in the modern society. That is why I depict characters as still lives, sets of random objects, reduce them to lines in order to convey the feeling of fragility and alienation, insecurity. I primarily interested in depicting emotions and feelings. But there is always a room for irony and romance in my work. Being a self-taught artist, I love experimenting with techniques and materials.



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