The artistic method I work in, that often balances between abstraction and figurative, has been developing as a reply to the post-internet world, people of which are satiated with a never-ending stream of visual content. The framework of my art is an Adamic view, an attempt to provide a viewer with a sensation of the first ever glance, eyes of a newcomer when the brain has no information to rely on and starts the process of cognition. Using stereotypes widely as a tool for gaining knowledge about the world, we are prone to refuse our own ability to consider. In conditions of an excessive informational stream, we willingly superimpose notions, being prejudiced, following the fashions. This has led me to the conception of Seeing-Seeming, within which I'm exploring the possibility of perceiving and judging without boundaries of enforced rating. Not a fan of mimesis, following my concept, I tend to depict objects of reality as sets of random forms [rather still lifes] in order to give a viewer a chance to think of the composition detached. Even when it comes to portraying human beings, I reduce them to "pseudo-flesh", which at one hand serves esthetical purposes within my method, at another hand has a metaphorical meaning to me. Some works strive to awake feelings by showing unrecognizable, the other ones (created with a nod to figurative tradition) needs you to recognize yourself in the characters, depicting in the romantic and humorous manner. I sympathize both my viewers and my characters, they are echoing each other. The vulnerable human, humans nature, the world of mundane things, feelings and struggles have always inspired me. As a commercial artist, I work in the field of figurative art, creating illustrations for different clients. This side of commercial demand also fuels my research in the area of fine art, providing me a lot of food for thought.



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